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    Freedom Fighters

    Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter

    Paul Newman. Sewing.

    What a heroic ladyThe truly inspiring story of the Chinese rubbish collector who saved and raised THIRTY babies abandoned at the roadside

    Mr. Newman. ♥

    Jimmy Carter

    The American freedom fighter

    Got to love Mr Rogers

    Our cool President

    July 20, 1969

    Dr. Ho Feng-Shan 何凤山 born San Francisco, California, USA) was a Chinese diplomat in Vienna who saved more than one thousand Jews, risking his own life and his career. He is known as "China’s Schindler.

    Clooney OHHHH....DELICIOUS!

    Susan B Anthony Suffragette and Protestor

    Elderly German man sitting among ruins, Berlin, 1945

    This picture was taken by Major Clarence L. Benjamin. He recounted: “At the instant a few of the train people saw our tanks and first realized they had been liberated. Many of those close to the train are not yet aware of their liberation.” Holocaust Victims realize they are free [1945]

    The Falling Man - Do you remember this photograph? In the United States, people have taken pains to banish it from the record of September 11, 2001. The story behind it, though, and the search for the man pictured in it, are our most intimate connection to the horror of that day.

    U.S.tanks under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris during liberation celebrations, August1944.

    Gavrilo Princip, the man who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand that led to WW I

    "The Orphans" Pray Before Going Into Battle: Under the guns of their tanks, men of a "floating" armored division called "The Orphans" of the U.S. tank forces pray with the guidance of Major George F. Daum (right), their chaplain, before going into battle with the Germans.

    Cpl. Carlton Chapman is a machine-gunner in an M-4 tank, attached to a Motor Transport unit near Nancy, France ca. 1944