80 Impossibly Pretty And Understated Tattoos Every Girl Will Fall In Love With - This on my wrist in white

The Best Star Tattoos On Foot - number of stars on feet to represent the people in your family


Stars tattoo

hearts with stars tattoo, want to add both of my children's names. I would switch the stars on the bottom heart to the other side.

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Love tattoo #tattoo

Heart tattoo under foot-unique placement for a tattoo...can't decide if I like it..?

Love the placement

Butterflies and stars foot tattoo

I have a star fish one on my foot but it needs to be fixed and more like this!...Starfish tattoo. Looks 3D! Very well done

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foot tattoo

Foot Tattoo: Take your time, don't live too fast...Troubles will come and they will pass

Gorgeous Foot Tattoo Ideas for Girls

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Foot tattoo

feather small tattoo