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    So true.




    So true. So, so true. That's why the "3 strikes you're out" rule should always apply.

    too true

    so true...need to remember this always always always.

    bahah so true

    So true

    So me.

    Truth! I can adapt to any situation or environment ;)

    I love this quote. Leadership comes with so many various attributes. It's about rising above and beyond the standard or the norm. Awareness of the world around you, understanding, an open well cultured and developed mind, curiosity, truth, wisdom, kindness, firmness, fairness....the list goes on for ages. Where as most people are followers and have no prominent character traits to show at all.

    Painfully true, atleast about some things

    How many of us feel this way about work, family, sometimes friends?!?

    If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.

    good advice

    best advice

    Men are supposed to love and protect women. Not hurt and betray them.

    Great advice. Follow your own heart and dreams.