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I don't know what this is from ("How I Met Your Mother?"), but that's totally what goes on when we try to figure out what we normally do. Like when I first heard that it'll be the opposite hand that swings when you walk. Blew my mind!

How I met your mother

Not the whisky

Me treine, Passaro Vermelho, me ensine a ser rapido ... Robin: Não, Eu me aposentei há Muito tempo ... Marshall: Aposentou? Você tem 32 Anos ... Robin: Eu Tenho 86 ano. Mas estapiar é agora uma parte do meu passado ... Marshall: droga. eu realmente queria dar um tapa no Barney ... Robin: è pra dar um tapa no Barney? Eu Totalmente te ensino

Marshall: "Train me, Red bird. Teach me speed." Red bird: "No. I really wanted to slap Barney Stinson." Red bird: "This is to slap Barney Stinson?

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How I Met Your Mother- Barney- "I don't love her, okay? I just miss her when she's not around, think about her all the time, and I imagine us onenday running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown swede vest.

Barney: "I need to assert my dominance as a man." Robin: "Don't. Ever. Say. That. To. Any. Girl. Ever." Barney: "Too late!"

"Assert your dominance over women? What is your problem? You have a mother!

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"Robin, just. I appreciate your help. But theres a reason your names Robin, not Batman.