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    Simple posing tips for curvy girls - cover arms and bring hands together at waist. Or if arms have no cover point elbows forward, it tilts things in all the right ways ;-D

    Posing tip: Weight on the back foot | Sue Bryce Portrait | Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011 & 2012

    Find a corner between two windows – It’s all about the bounce. Check out the sites before and after section.

    Sue Bryce's Amazing photographer blog. Lots of tips &things; to learn ♥

    Amazing tips on posing!!! "To avoid slimming in postproduction pull the elbows back when posing. Sitting nice and tall, elbows back, long neck, lifting up and chin pushing forward and down." Sue Bryce

    Photo Posing tips - can make or break a photo... what a diference! wow!

    what a diff posing makes. Photog & cam tips by lelia

    helpful hint – getting natural facial expressions….

    Brilliant posing advice, hints and tips. New news – yesterday I released an awesome tool that will help you do marketing for free. It’s an SEO guide to help you format your website and blogging so you can be found better in search results. Make sure you get it!