straight hair tricks, volume tricks, dirty hair tricks. gotta remember this stuff.

Twisted hair + straightener = loose curls. This works SO well. I've been trying it out these past few days. Just twist up all your hair really tight, hold it at the end, go over it with a straightener a few times, tighten the twist, go over it again, straighten the end of the twist, then comb it all out with your fingers and spray with a little hairspray. TADA. It looks so pretty and literally takes 30 seconds or less. :)

messy bun tricks: I need these!

correct way to backcomb. It's amazing how many girls don't know how to do this! If it looks like an animal is caught in your hair, you did it WRONG!!!

the most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest...

Pinned 11,000 times How I style my short hair. Plus an added video.

Twisted updo. Video instructions at

Hey girls ,i wanna share with you a little trick i found on the internet a few days ago . How to straight your hair without using the straightner and ruin your hair . And if you want your hair to ...

I'm a hairdresser and these are really good tips and tricks...29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Nourish your hair with sulfate-free shampoo for a shiny finish

Blow-Drying Tips - How To Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro - Redbook Has instructions for short, medium, and long hair.

cool trick

15 ways to pin your hair back! VERY USEFUL!

love her hair

Makeup Tips And Tricks To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger. Thank god @Tiffany Demmon found this. I just realized that when I smile my eyes are super tiny!

Medium Hair Styles For Women Over 40 | absolutely love Pinterest for so many reasons. One of them is ...

Great tip best trick ever! There are actually two pony tails in this photo stacked on top of one another and tightly wound for pony volume and root volume. Works like a charm! - #hair and makeup

great and easy eye looks and makeup artist tricks! the best beauty tips and tricks!

lessons from the pros: big, messy waves you'll be sad you didn't pin it

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hairdresser on fire / fantastic blog about all things hair. tricks tricks tricks!