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35 Lessons that Explore the Beautiful Pairing of Math and Art

Rube Goldberg style simple machine brain. 3rd Grade.

Watercolor, salt, plastic

wrapped in warm blanket

red and yellow mixing lesson

1st grade castles + drawing from observation

Visual Ref for Jar Lesson, image by Golly Bard

Cool shading exercise!

Create "The Scream" in 2-D and 3-D interpretations. The most expensive painting ever sold to date.

Name Monster - Symmetry

3-4 Shading Lesson


Friday Art Feature lessons and pictures!

castles using sponges to print bricks

homemade model magic

dot art with the ends of pencils (with templates)

This is the neatest idea ever! "Black Out Poetry" using old newspapers or books. Fifth Grade?

awww, i'll rescue you little frog.

Paul Klee on Textured Paper

Mini Matisse: a great art edu blog

Paint individually, chop up your art and exchange quarters with 3 others in the class to make a collaborative piece.

silhouette collage/painting upper elementary

possible alternative to clay, paper mache pulp

Warm and cool color peacocks