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I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you guys? - Funny Animal Photo For pet tips and stories from pet lovers, visit!happy-pets/c24do

Leopard embodies quiet aggressiveness and power. People who have the Panther, Leopard or Jaguar totem animal are multitasking by nature. They tend to be loners, and are very comfortable with themselves and are often drawn to other solitary people. #sunset

unknown source | dog running down the street with a leg | WTF | funny | runaway dog with prosthetic leg | ??? | high heel | stiletto | vintage street photography | black & white | bite | ouch | that dog has a pretend bone |

"My cat's reaction to the bear skin rug my roommate brought home." poor cat! he looks traumatized. haha.

black and white animal photo | cute Black and White Awesome animal lion teeth fierce Tongue vivre ...

Lion King #lion #king #cat #feline #animal #savannah #wild #life #hair

king...king of the jungle...Leo-baby kd's (& my dads & my bff's & hubby's ex) zodiac symbol...He who is often pictured with a laying with a lamb when there is peace on Earth, even tho there's no actual bible verse about this; closest being Isiah 11:6 which speaks of a W©Lf shall dwell w/ the L@mB