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Bring the TARDIS to life with this 3D TARDIS model and a special app for your phone! This is beyond EPIC!

David Tennant. That's a great quote. :)

I actually did this the other day when one of my teachers asked what time was, it was just such a perfect an opportunity to quote Doctor Who, even though nobody got the reference and just stared at me like I was an idiot...

David Tennant

Haha, this is a gif, so follow through the link to see it properly, and repin it too :)

David & Billie

Wibbly Wobbly Time-y Wimey Ball! #DoctorWho fans should really get a kick out of this, especially if you enjoy the more goofy, younger doctors portrayed by David Tennant and Matt Smith. Every time I see the TARDIS, the little boy inside of me thinks, "Why haven't I figured out time travel yet - it looks so easy on TV!"

David's fanboyness is just something I love

I don't remember 'Doctor Who' not being part of my life, and it became a part of growing up, along with The Beatles, National Health spectacles, and fog. And it runs deep. It's in my DNA. Peter Capaldi

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twelfth doctor and Bill | Pearl Mackie gives her first ever interview as the Doctor’s new ...

As you may have heard, David Tennant is back as the Tenth Doctor! | The 50 Things You Need To Know About The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Special

And THIS is exactly why I indulge in a 1-hour show for 12 or so weeks out of the year. Occasionally, everybody needs a little bit of utter nonsense!

Doctor Who


David Tennant and Billie Piper! :3

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This line makes me cry now. She seems so honored, so touched to meet her. I'd love to listen to the Doctor talk about Donna, his best friend, "I was gonna stay with her forever, you know. We would have traveled all of time and space. You would have loved her, she was never impressed that I was a Time Lord, she just loved to travel and meet people, she saved the world you know. Saved the universe, saved humanity. Special woman, Donna Noble."

It was hard to know where to pin this of my favorite moments in this show.

David Tennant (10th Doctor) married Georgia Moffett (the 10th Doctor’s daughter in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter”), who is the daughter of Peter Davison (5th Doctor) and they had a daughter.  So the Doctor’s daughter played the Doctor’s daughter in “The Doctor’s Daughter” and then married the Doctor and had the Doctor’s daughter.