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  • Ariel Rule

    Madman With a Box. #doctorwho #mattsmith

  • Hope Marie

    [image: a paper silhouette of Matt Smith/the 11th Doctor’s profile.  In the center of his head, there is a circle with the TARDIS and the words “I am definitely a mad man with a box” carved out.]

  • Missy Martin

    Madman With a Box.<3 the Doctor :)

  • Leela Petrie

    Dr Who Madman

  • Kara Waala

    A madman with a box. Doctor Who paper art

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My friend and I were talking today, and she said, "If someone came up to me that looked like one of the Doctors and introduced himself as the Doctor and told me to come with him, I'd totally go. Perfect opportunity for kidnapping. No struggle." At that moment, I realized she was right, and it could be anyone. The Doctor, Sherlock John, Dean, Sam, Cas, Loki, the list is endless. <--- I was the friend. :D

This scene made me laugh so much. The Doctor, a cowboy? Yeah, right..... God I don't think I can love Matt more than I do:)

I just plain love this. "When the doctor and his companions switch clothing" HA