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Baby pug keychain bag (19.90 EUR) by Canufactum


I'm so surprised that Cheeze doesn't know there's a blueberry on his forehead. lol

The pug's name is Mr. Kimchi and the instagram account is filled with photos of these bffs or of food. LOVE.

Inappropriate pillow (stinkywrinkles)

Bum fluff! (stinkywrinkles)

moosepug: "Try and catch me!!!"

never-nude: I bought Caitlin a new portrait lens for her camera and I wanted to see if it worked okay so naturally I took this picture of the world’s most anxious dog.

thegirlandthepug: This is why all my coats and scarves and hats all smell like a pug

quitobicoke: So it snowed last night. #puglife #pug #quitobicoke #winter (at Humber Bay Promenade Park)

quitobicoke: Abominable Snow Pug. #puglife #pug #quitobicoke #winter (at Humber Bay Promenade Park)

"Come join me??" (apugnamedcharles)

mollymoodles: Look at my lower lippy.

cdmciver: These guys are just so active

Rosy's face captures how I feel today. (SR) #sunnyrosy

tattytime: Bette Davis eyes

cdmciver: New day, same plan. Sleep

mollymoodles: Weirdo.

hamiltonpug: "Please drop the treat before Rufus explodes." #puglife

cenaco: Char baby continues the poop strike!!! ❄️😁🐶💩👎

its-noahs-ark: Just wants to play outside.

A sleepy #tongueouttuesday. #sunnydreamsofsushi #sunnyrosy (SR)

And an itty bitty #tongueouttuesday #sunnyrosy (SR)

Highlights from today's pugcam. What this didn't capture was Sunny pooping in the hallway that my dog walker found & was kind enough to clean up. Ugh. #camiocam #sunnyrosy (SR)

"Rosy's toy WILL be mine!" #jealousy #puglingrivalry #sunnyrosy (SR)