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  • Kelle Meeker

    One of my biggest pet peeves!! @Tary Taylor :P Greg will not accept this pin as confirmation that I am right about the direction of the toilet paper

  • Sara Purdy

    so true. and if I'm visiting you and your toilet paper is wrong...i will change it.

  • magali Fierro

    My husband doesn't.know how to put a roll of toilet paper.

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I think I'm going to make this into a card for all of the high school graduates I know this year!

I laughed a little too hard at this

Oh my that is so funny and So true!! just WRong to eat a kit kat like that! Don't you watch the commercial!? LOL

hahaha. Sheldon vs. House vs. Capt. Jack vs. Sherlock vs. Tony Stark....the winner would be either Sheldon or Sherlock.

haha I love this, especially since there is a bag of my favorite jelly beans hiding in the pantry, and zach accidentally saw them the other aday and a litttle piece of me died inside, lol

I am soooo OCD about how my groceries are bagged! I put them on the belt just the way I want them bagged...its an illness. LOL

Hahahahahaha I laughed so hard I cried and then I thought I could move on but I would look at the computer and start laughing again! hahahahah