The face you see in the mirror? She's precious to the King of Kings, so don't you dare underestimate the plans that He has for her, because they are great. LOVE THIS! #daughter, #mom, #quote

The King's daughter

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Matthew 9:22

I'm angry and hurting and even though I don't feel like praying right now, this prayer would be a good start. Maybe a simple "God help me pray despite my anger."

Daughter of a King. (If I could share anything with other women, especially my nieces and their friends.)

Do I reflect Christ?


Wow. Beautifully written. That is my God.

Sometimes God doesn't change your situation because He is trying to change your heart. We need to turn our nation back to God.

You are Loved



Love of my life!

Such a good reminder.

If you have a daughter....1 Peter 3:3 for a sign in her bathroom, I actually want one for my bathroom

Good morning! I will be handling all your problems today so have fun and enjoy. I love you ~God


I need to remember this

Keep your head up. I love this.

I really must keep remembering this.