's a Christian Grey cake!  Too funny...well done, artist!'s a Christian Grey cake! Too funny...well done, artist!

Zumba Classes Near Boston - Boston Magazine

Zumba Classes Near Boston

"he/she will never have a girl/boyfriend" collection....really funny!

They'll never have a girlfriend

Styrofoam Cinderella Castle #8

Styrofoam Cinderella Castle #8

Top your beautiful cake with these Styrofoam Castles. Each castle comes preassembled and is very light weight. Easily airbrush, pipe on with buttercream, or color with a marker to add detail. Make bea Mais

Fuck everything. Let's get drunk - I'll meet you at Bing's.

It's friday

Mother Of Notifications!

Mother Of Notifications!

Got one of these once. Was trying to throw out an old couch so we put it on the curb a few days before garbage day. Got a letter taped to our door the next day that simply said "we don't put couches on our lawns in this neighborhood, thank you very much!"