• Vincent Ghoste

    Gangsters Bonnie and Clyde’s weapons sale creates furore on the auction block

  • Major Redneck

    A .45 cal Colt U. S. Army New Service Model 1909 revolver recovered from the body of Clyde Barrow after he and Bonnie Parker were killed

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A unique tombstone with a window

oh this is so creepy!

Window, even the kid sees it

QUEEN MARY APPARITION! "Went on the HMS Queen Mary tour last year and took some photos on my phone, but I think I may have caught some photo evidence!"

This is Bonnie Parker, Before she went all Bonnie and Clyde.

Ghost Woman Photographed in a Bolivian Hospital? Reddit user “EskimoJake” claims their friend, who’s a doctor, took this picture in 2010 at a hospital in Bolivia. The photo shows a ghostly woman, with...

In 2007, an amateur filmmaker in West Yorkshire, England filmed what appeared to be the ghost of a Roman soldier on a scenic footpath. Oddly...

Fairies, Nymphs, Demons - A Bizarre Collection of Strange Specimens.

The Richmond Vampire is an urban legend that began soon after a collapse on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad's Church Hill Tunnel at Church Hill, a district of Richmond, Virginia, which buried several workers alive on October 2, 1925.The story told of a blood covered creature with jagged teeth and skin hanging from its muscular body that emerged from the cave-in and raced toward the James River. Pursued by a group of men, the creature took refuge in Hollywood Cemetery, where it disappeared in...

the mystery of the black helicopter


Victorian Funeral Card by peacocktaco, via Flickr

The smallest mother in history is Stacey Herald 2'4'', here expecting her third child.

Nancy Reagan's Final Good-Bye At Her Husband's Casket At The End Of His Funeral Before It Was Lowered - Watching This Was Heart-Wrenching...True Love - Not Even Death Can Take That Away...Theirs Was A Great Love Story

Amazing Findings In China

Island of the Dolls: The story took a particularly sinister turn in 2001 when Don Julian drowned in the canal just like the little girl.

Montparnasse Cemetery--This is beautiful in so many ways...he is reading to his ill wife

“This may be a 17th C charmstone…where round crystals are found set in silver on a chain for dipping into liquids as charms against disease. Such crystal balls were often found in Northern European burials of the early Middle Ages (especially Germanic, Merovingian and Anglo-Saxon). Meaney suggests these balls were frequently complemented with a sieve-spoon and were mostly found in female burials.”

They did the DNA tests and it is a real alien. But, with a brain that size, you have to wonder if it was intelligent life or something like a mouse. Maybe it escaped from a parked spacecraft. Humanoid Alien Carcass Being Forensically Studied By Dr. Steven Greer.

Jenglot. These are the corpses of men who practiced magic. The earth has rejected them; they do not decompose like ordinary men, but shrink and shrivel to the size of dolls. Thought to be responsible for many misfortunes. Often, when one hires a psychic to eliminate one's bad luck, the psychic will investigate the area and find a jenglot buried nearby.

From Trina Machelle I believe I have a photo taken of me when I was in the ER in Lodi CA. it was taken December 30, 2010 around 10 pm. My mom & friend were the only ones in the room with me trying to take pictures to lighten the mood and the next day my friend came and showed one of the pictures with his phone. In the background to the right of the photo there seems to be an unexplained image. It looks like a little child in all black in white. You see everything from a face all

Oregon State Hospital Haunted | Western State Mental Hospital | Haunted Places

21 People Describe Their Encounters With The Paranormal And The Stories Will Give You Nightmares.