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Do you guys have any idea how often I feel this way??

'Should I add more liquor?' is the most ridiculous question I've ever been asked.

If I had money, this kind of bookshelf would one of the first things I'd get.

I strongly believe I would be a much better individual if I were constantly, slightly drunk.

LOL! I hate my newest DL pic. The DMV lady took one and told me I eyes were too "squinty"! That was a she told me not to smile....and the pic now looks more like my sister than me.

Funny Confession Ecard: Choosing the perfect outfit for one night can destroy an entire room.

I said this to Pat the other night and his response was "I'm pretty sure you didn't actually find that funny..."

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 44 Pics

I nominate Grumpy Cat as actor of the year, and humbly suggest he be given any acting role people are dumb enough to give to her.

THATS FUDGING HILARIOUS!! well played Disney

This made me laugh more than it should have. In fact, I laugh harder every time I look at it.