Upcycled wine cork curtain

A curtain made of wine bottle corks. Awesome!

curtain made from wine corks

Cool cork stool! Get your corks from us!

Wine Cork Crafts -- Wine Cork Kitchen Mat

A waste paper basket made out of #reused wine corks: http://media-cache-ak2.pinimg.com/originals/53/8b/14/538b14e8eaf774ac460539a87c9da6d4.jpg

DIY Curtains Made of Buttons

Wine Corks as: jewelry, fan or light pull chain, necklace, earrings, shade or blinds decor - crafts

Corks as baseboard molding... wow.

2016/04/08 Steampunk Christmas ornament - Steampunk cork ornament - Hand painted ornament - Victorian Ornament - One of a kind

37 Insanely Creative Things To Do With Popped Corks - I only like a few of these...

Re-purpose: Paper Bead Curtain! Looks like a bunch of fun. Emily has a tool to do this with!

how to cut the wine cork. Wish I had known this a couple months ago

Recycled wine corks wired together into a doormat. This doormat measures 29 x 20 1/2 inches & is made up of 284 corks. Each cork has two holes drilled into it & they're laced together with steel wire.

Do It Yourself Cork Ideas | Wine cork crafts | wine-cork-crafts.jpg

Cortina de macramé

Wine cork saver

DIY {Wine Cork} Backsplash! -- [LOVE!!!] I wonder how long it would take me to drink enough wine to do this in my kitchen?!

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