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Answers:    1. A boy.  2. A girl.    3. A girl.    4. A girl.    5. A boy.    6. A boy.    7. A boy, because a girl steals her mother's beauty.    8. A boy.    9. A girl.    10. A boy.    11. A girl.    12. A boy.    13. A boy.    14. A girl.    15. A boy.

Old Wives Tales baby shower game Answers: A boy. A girl. A girl. A girl. A boy. A boy. A boy, because a girl steals her mother's beauty. A boy. A girl. A boy. A girl. A boy. A boy. A girl. A boy.

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Guess the Disney Movie Song Party Game. Spans a range in age and I can honestly say no one got them all right. Though I do suggest you say "No smart phones/ipads to look up the answers!

Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game: Name your price (pay what you want.) Printable baby shower game idea - this game will have guests rolling on the floor!

Pass the prize game that you can print from home One of our most popular baby shower games

6 baby shower games for your next baby shower. And no, there's no chocolate in the diaper here!

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Daddy knows best. From Paper Source, this game in the photo above gives a nod to dear old dad. He gets asked a few questions about parenting and moms pregnancy, and everyone predicts how he answered. Its kind of like the Newlywed Game but with babies.

Printable Finish Grandma's Sentence

Complete the phrases often heard by experienced moms. For a grandma baby shower for Donna?

good baby shower games  this sounds like fun! by june by ksrose

Turtle and Frog Design. 24 Baby Shower Price is Right Game Cards. These are personalized with mommy-to-be's name and I would be happy to customize for you. -Scratch Off Game Cards.


What's in your purse baby shower game. Very fun and unique game to play at any event.

Games Of Thrones Inspired Baby Shower Game & Theme! Complete the classic…

House Stork 8 Printable Baby Shower Games And Banner

Baby Shower Trivia Game

Everyone loves a bouncing baby, but not everyone loves run-of-the-mill baby shower games. Here are the top 20 fun Baby Shower Games ideas-from Beau-coup to you!

The baby boom of the 1950’s and 60’s brought about the evolution of the modern baby shower. The traditions you know and (possibly) love were developed during this time and include the mom-to-be being “showered” with gifts for her new bundle of joy. Today, as many women work outside the ...

A New Trend in Baby Showers: Co-ed Baby Showers

Haha baby shower idea for friends now that they're all pretty much married we know what's coming next. ... Baby boom!

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Broken Water Baby Shower Game :) Take An Ice Cube. When Your Ice Melts And Baby Is Free, Shout My Water Broke! First Water Breaking Gets A Prize. -this is so wrong but soooo funny !