Gladiator Graveyard, Ephesus, Turkey The Gladiator Graveyard site is located in Ephesus, Turkey and containes the mixed remains of about 67 individuals, all of whom where under the age of 30. The gladiators who fought here were the professional athletes of ancient Roman times and they would battle each other, wild animals, or even condemned criminals for the amusement of the masses.

The ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey

Artemis of Ephesus

The Terrace Houses, Ephesus

✮ Ruins of Ephesus - Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey ...

This library of Celsus is an ancient Roman building in Ephesus, Anatolia, now part of Selçuk, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey

The remains of Hadrian's Gate at Ephesus

Ephesus in Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey

The Hercules Gate, Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus Turkey

Funerary relief for a gladiator named Seilonis. Museum of Ephesus, Turkey.

The Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey

Ancient Roman Toilet

The ancient Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Anatolia, Turkey

portico columns in the Agora, Ephesus

stone vault fragments from Temple of Domitian, Ephesus