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every single one. i walk barefoot everywhere, i can go on almost anything(except for, you know, thorns and stuff)

Yeah...or sleeping with my honey's pillow after he leaves for love his sexy scent...oh baby!

my dad put a heat pad on my moms side of the bed, so when she got home, the bed was warm for her to crawl into... i will do this for someone one day.

I always think about how relieved my windshield wipers are because they could catch up for a second

And thus ensued marshmallow murals, glitter in hair, watching the stars, faces on trees, and every lovable little thing they could think of, because really, who's to stop them.

so do like I do~put some cash in your coat pockets at the end of winter and enjoy when pulling them out the next season

best feeling in the world. this list of little things we should appreciate blog is great!

He always used to ask me how I always smell so good.

TOTALLY!!!!! Or in the air, or in someone else's clothes... anywhere, but it reminds you of him... :)

I hate writing. Stapling the finished product together was always a milestone for me lol.