Two of Swords, Moon in Libra

sword swallower

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Card from Salvador Dali’s Tarot Deck

Bushido (The Way of the Samurai) by Tom Miatke


Zombie Tarot -- High Priestess, by Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham

Major Arcana Tarot Cards for the Light Visions deck.

Queen of Swords - Secret Tarot


Queen of Spades




"Magus of the Eternal Gods" ~ The Hermetic Tarot ~ the Hierophant ~ Trump V

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visualgspot: love this photo Kirioroshi 切り下ろし from Kurikara: The Sword and the Serpent by John Maki Evans

This Queen of Pentacles is inspiring. She's surrounded by her projects with confidence and not a hair out of place.

Samurai Ronin Japan art samurai sword armor samurai by SamuraiArt, $30.00 #men #gift #birthday

Samurai Girl by Carlos Jose Camus. I think she is holding the sword the wrong way.

Warrior woman, wherefore art thou...