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    Neat trick to keep a strapless from slipping! Why did I not know this!?

    NEWSFLASH: you are definitely wearing the wrong size bra. I've known this info for ages, and it really is life altering. This woman puts it all in one place in a no BS guide. You need to read this if you have breasts.

    Why have I not thought of this?

    How to fix this...This is brillant!!! This lady is actually on genius level. All jeans should have this built in.

    How to tape yourself properly for a backless outfit..not gonna lie----this is good to know :)

    How to remove a washed and dried oil/grease stain from a shirt.

    Use a sunglasses case to store cords and cables in your bag. Genius.

    5-minute draped vest. really clever.

    Use mitten clips to keep jeans in place when wearing boots! No more saggy knees! This is genius.


    ... genius.

    for my 'sewing scissors' ...only I can open -- genius

    Wow. This lady is AMAZING!! She is a thrift store genius!

    DIY cooler- cut a noodle and tie a rope through it, around a Rubbermaid bin. genius

    How To: Keep Your Strapless Bra in place

    Turning a T-Shirt into a skirt (with pockets)... cool

    It's funny how much money we spend on stuff we can make ourselves. - I present 31 incredibly easy and clever DIY projects...