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Pretty much my exact reaction pahahaha!

Pretty sure we've all felt this way at least once...

LOL! this is hilarious just for the fact that i read the first too pics with the same face these guys had, then when it came to the last pic HEY I JUST MET YOU AND THIS IS CRAZYY!!!! HAHAHA SOO TRUE!

Thor's version of "call me maybe." Definitely made me laugh.

Nobody asked her to prom… // I NEED TO SHOW THIS TO MY BROTHER!!! He lost his name tag at an award ceremony once, so he was walking around with his graphing calculator stuck in his jacket pocket and his name typed into it. I SHIP IT. I SHIP MY BROTHER AND THIS GIRL. (-SG. And I can't believe I said that. XD)

This absolutely fuels my off-the-wall sense of humor!!! I cannot stop laughing at this :D

I'm feeling that right now, its stuck and I HATE it!

I'll Call You if I Need Anything Else

Laughed more than I thought I would at this one! It just got funnier the more I looked at it!

Call 911 and send this guy because my heart has stopped