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  • Arianna Lanzone

    makkelijk bloembollen poten planting flower bulbs the easy way

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Bulbs in a bucket! Old buckets filled with bulbs are a great way to recycle unused items and add color to a porch or patio. Follow Fernwood for other ideas like this one!

Hyacinth Bulbs with their brittle white roots.

Bugambilias (a.ka. bougainvillea). Must be grown as an annual in my location, but beautiful!!

I hearby claim peonies as my favorite flower. The anticipation of the flowers blooming makes my spring, and they usually bloom right around my birthday.

Gorgeous Peony - peonies are just the most beautiful bloom and the dark background makes them pop...

How to plant flower bulbs

When we tell our story, it gives others permission to do the same.

Somebody left some pretty sunflowers on Grandma's old chair out in the garden......................

Rare Afgekia sericea Rare flower captured in Queen's Park, Chiang Mai Thailand. This flower is being threatened by people encroaching on the habitat where it normally grows in Northern Thailand.