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Even Pigs are beautiful cupboard!

Even Pigs are beautiful cupboard!

Yea!! Mimi Kirchner's studio. See...I'm not the only person who works like this...

Mimi Kirchner studio with IKEA drawers

Homemade junk journal...I can't stop reading this page!! I want to make one now!

Homemade junk journal--lots of ideas here

Want this someday in my new quilting room!

Ironing table in quilting room

love my ribbon holder designs

love my ribbon holder creations

pink-china-cabinet-700696.jpg320 x 48047.4KBwww.pappapak4.com

pink and white china cabinet

Something on my to do list.

Ribbon holders made from large oatmeal canisters!

to-do board. Submit it fashion

to-do board. Submit it fashion

ba40b039179049345943daee23283d2a.jpg 750×562 pixels

IKEA cabinet-would be great in scrapbook room!

I purchased this room divider/picture frame at a thirft store and converted it to a ribbon storage for my craft room

Ribbon holder Turn this room divider/picture frame from a thirft store and convert it to a ribbon storage rack for the craft room

Ironing board....

Ironing board....

diy desk sewing table

Create the perfect sewing room to store your AccuQuilt fabric cutters and cutting dies like Karen Way at Sew Many Ways, and repurpose items in your home.

Mom’s sewing room.  She’s been sewing for 45 years and after all the time, you figure out what you want in a sewing room.  A couple years ago she designed some great cabinets, full of very well thought out details.  I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of her ideas -    Here’s a bit of an overview of the corner with all the cabinets.  Notice the two sewing spots

Sewing Room Cabinet Ideas

Sewing Room Cabinet Ideas :: incredible sewing studio, not even a huge room

85fa4241c6bb0411ed3117f3bfa9b2bf.jpg (640×480)

when I re-do my scrap room I want to do it in pink like this.

Pigs can be cutes after all!

Pigs can be cutes after all!

Green accent wall to match my fabric

Love the bold colours