So I really like this wedding photo. I have a cousin that did a set of photos at night at the Bountiful Temple. They are so gorgeous!

Young Women Theme-Stand Ye In Holy Places. Binder Cover, gift, project, handout etc. Free to print." - We could maybe do a similar picture of each girl alone in front of he temple.

Bachelorette party ideas! because heading to the strip club is not my thing :)

Things to do for a bachelorette party if going to clubs isn't your thing. ASHLEY/ME: Sooo, I want to have a bachelorette day. spa day, brunch, and get dressed up to go out, then come back and have awesome sleepover!


I so want to do this! I love baseball, softball and everything to do with this good ol' American sport. Already having a kickball game at my rehearsal, why not play some baseball?

First kiss in new home pic

First house together picture. Gotta remember to do this! Too bad our house doesn't have a fireplace and chandelier.

last kiss as a "single girl" at end of rehearsal dinner before the big day

After the rehearsal dinner -the last "single girl" kiss-- It'd be neat to have a last picture as an unmarried couple! Have to have the "last single girl Kiss"!

5 Guys Reveal How They'd Propose Differently If Given a Second Chance

How Men Would Propose Differently Given a Second Chance

One of the best parts about a proposal is the element of surprise. If you want an unexpected proposal, it's time to stop doing these four little things.

wedding #

Great church wedding look---Tamara Elise Photography: Witney & Gage: Salt Lake Temple Wedding

This is probably the cutest thing you will ever see.

one of the cutest wedding videos I have ever seen! Also totally goes to show you have to embrace and love your wedding day no matter the weather! :] Love the unconventional, individual details: like her dress and ring.


Photo (

What is wrong with this picture? Beautiful temple in background? Implication that couple is getting married in said temple? Girl in very short skirt that is in no way garment proof?

AWWWW - little brother dancing with the bride

Photographer Spotlight Interview with Soul Echo Studios - Miami, Florida

This is such a tender photograph. This bride has a large family and the photographer caught her dancing with her little brothers. My little brother walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.

To marry a man who is this excited to marry me! :) your own real life spin on the breakfast club fist pump