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    It seems like it would be uncomfortable and itchy to sit on. Also, glitter is the herpes of craft supplies, you can never get rid of it all.

    what the hell is wrong with you?! no, stop.

    Ain't nobody got time for that shit!

    Seriously? No.

    Like little shards of heaven...

    ohmygawd!! wtf is wrong with you?! No, bad fashion designer!

    oh my god, no, wtf is wrong with you?! that looks sweaty and sticky and stupid.

    Happy Easter hair do...

    human hair purse...ewwwwwwwwwww, no.

    umm, yeah, no.

    hey, your toddler years called and said they wanted their outfit back. While you're at it, take off the combat boots, hipster. You're doing it wrong.

    umm, I think you're forgetting something...

    what the hell is wrong with you?

    Alexander Wang S/S'13 - evolving of the cable ohmyfreakinggodno. stop that, now!

    ohhhh maury....


    freakin' hipsters

    Scarf? More like bib.

    Another Children Book Fail!

    now your dog can duckface, too!

    It's supposed to represent a hug. Does your penis need a hug, also?

    for when you want to display your pretentiousness on your front porch

    how do you open your eyes?

    really?! antler, really?

    I can never unknow that this is a thing.