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Johnny Cash

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  • Kelly Dodson

    I had to wear black or black and white at a corporate retail job. I wore all black. They called me Johnny Cash. I took it as a compliment.

  • Erin Godfrey

    Johnny Cash, True country music

  • Molly Nelson

    Johnny Cash, A Legend

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“Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” Johnny Cash

Dance! Show! by paul.malon, via Flickr

Johnny Cash is an all time classic if you don't know some of his music your missing out, when I would sleep at Mistys way back when we would jam all old classic country Johnny Cash being one of the main ones!

“I wore black because I liked it. I still do, and wearing it still means something to me. It's still my symbol of rebellion -- against a stagnant status quo, against our hypocritical houses of God, against people whose minds are closed to others' ideas.” -Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash 1959 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! And soooo is this...

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.”

Johnny Cash- He really turned his life over to the Lord in his later years. He and Billy Graham were good friends.

Johnny Cash prepares to take the stage at a show in White Plains, NY, 1959.

I hear the train a comin' It's rolling round the bend And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when, I'm stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin' on But that train keeps a rollin' on down to San Antone.. When I was just a baby my mama told me. Son, Always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns. But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die When I hear that whistle blowing, I hang my head and cry..