Homemade Pontoon House Boats: Basically a Pontoon Houseboat Log Cabin on the water. After a years worth of weekends, lots of aluminum and sweat later... the Nuthouse was born. Since

Here's an architect who said 'Somebody should design a better houseboat' and then realised that he's a 'somebody'... Have you ever considered being a 'live-aboard'? It's a great lifestyle but you decide after viewing the full album of 21 photos and plans on our site now at http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/house-hunting/vacation-homes/arkiboat-houseboats-drew-heath-architects/ Packed and ready? What do you think?

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Homemade Houseboats - home built pontoon boat: Looking on the Internet with the hopes of finding a well built, good looking and affordable houseboat I kept coming back to the photos of this one. In

Weight, buoyancy, depth, displacement of pontoon houseboats? I want to calculate the weight, depth, buoyancy, and displacement for pontoon houseboats. I have just purchased a small houseboat and it is made from aluminium.

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Building pontoon house boats with plastic pontoons. Any idea on building pontoon house boats with plastic pontoons? I am interested to build my own houseboat, and I wish to use plastic pontoons. I would


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Paris House Boat- My nine to ten year goal- live on this and travel all over Europe by waterway