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Indonesia Kain Batik Fabric Textile Clothes Wax Dye by harmokoshop, $78.00

Detail of flowers on Hokokai Batik with Kawung pattern as the background. Full handrawn Indonesian Batik

Detail: 19th century Shoulder cloth (kain batik). Hand-drawn batik on cotton with natural dyes. Malay people, Jambi east Sumatra, Indonesia.


Calligraphic Batik

Another item for a textile collection to display in the room. Calligraphic Batik from Indonesia, early 20th century. A Tengkolok (Headdress), from Kelantan area, with calligraphic and Muslim motif, in natural indigo motif. The Javanese word "batik" refers to the method used for dyeing in which patterned areas are covered with wax. Design and colour depend on the social class and rank.