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  • Tiffany Harris

    How to Make Produce Last Longer & Avoid Spoilage Fresh Veggies: Remove excess moisture from veggies’ environment. (Too much moisture = rot.) Place paper towel in the plastic bag. For green beans, cucumbers & zucchini leave bag open. For lettuce/leafy greens, close up bag. Fruit: take it OUT of plastic bag & store it in fridge’s crisper drawer. (also for red & green peppers) Onions, Garlic, Potatoes: store in pantry. Keep onions away from potatoes: speeds up spoilage.

  • Michelle Bazinet Horgan

    brass city market on the field- year round farmer's market indoors

  • Abbie Mason

    Going vegetarian

  • Meggie Q Medlin

    cancer fighting foods - uncooked of course (check out the next few articles about the process of browning your foods)

  • Kira Dalton

    Purchase in season — By tailoring your menus to in-season produce and cuts of meat, you can drastically reduce your grocery bill. Fruits and vegetables will taste better, and you’ll have a better selection. 2. Practice anticipation buying — There are some items that you know you will use, pantry staples. When you see those products on sale, or marked down on clearance, snatch them up. 3. Follow manufacturer’s you love — there are probably certain ingredients that you prefer. Search for those products on the web. Chances are that company has a Facebook fan page or an e-newsletter. 4. Clip coupons — In fact, many gourmet and organic foods regularly offer coupons. Watch for them, collect those coupons and then match them to a sale for the best savings. 5. Look for markdowns — Often a grocer will discontinue a specialty item.

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