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    • 🎧Madelyn🎧

      Kitchens are for dancing! My SO true quote!

    • Coryanne Ettiene

      My Kitchen Is For Dancing tea towel

    • Melissa Masten

      In my house this is the truth. My Tivoli radio is in my kitchen and I dance in there all the time. Sometimes to the dismay of my children :)

    • V

      My kitchen is for dancing!!! As well as the rest of the house. Dance party cleaning!

    • Brittany Hayworth

      My kitchen, my living room, my bathroom and everything other room in my house is for dancing. I love to dance just in case you couldn't tell.

    • Brittney Leigh

      Mine and Drew's ultimate dance floor of our house is the kitchen haha love it

    • Rindie Millians

      Kitchens are for dancing! So true in my kitchen :) Grew up in a house where we always danced in the kitchen!

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    Lol Raelynn Webb

    I love this. Not ready to end, but life has been so good to me. Can't wait to see what comes next!

    Beauty is not just this for me. Its the fact that her heart loves God and people. The fact that she is not afraid to voice her opinions. The fact that she has no qualms about living her life to the fullness of it. That and these aforementioned things are an understatement too. I love her. ♥

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    This is so very true...don't judge a book by its cover. Something I need to practice more

    She wasn't bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time.

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    thumbs up.

    unless you take it.

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