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    Nope. We haven't seen your banana, sorry.


    If this is real, this is the best picture ever in the history of the world.

    Baboon baby

    Kisses....xoxoxox.....Good Parenting.

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    rancois’s leaf monkey -- by hans peters

    Masashi Mochida Photographer :)

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    My Kids Have Paws Mug

    A week-old monkey makes its delight known as its mum gives it a grooming head massage. The young Japanese macaque sheltered close to its caring mum as she helped keep it clean at Jigokudani Hot Springs in Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Snow Monkeys from the documentary One Life (2010).

    A jaguarundi is a Texas animal that has become endangered. They have a terrifying scream.

    500px / Photo "little monkeys" by Marcosjra and Patypatyapaty


    Protective Custody” by Ashley Vincent

    A pair of Zebras --let me tell you something!

    Orangutan baby ♥

    Baby Otter

    Sifakas. Amazing animal!