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Behind the Scenes - Storing Printables

Behind the Scenes – Storing Printables. A to do list for storing all the stuff from my daycare.

Teacher and Lesson Planner Editable with Common Core SS

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Classroom Hacks

HACKS FOR CLASSROOMS! (I personally do not like the pom poms on the end of the dry erase markers. Those fall off too easily to be worth the effort.

Cover cereal boxes with wrapping paper to make homework in/out bins

DIY: Mail/Paper organizer from cereal boxes. Duct tape to make the seams of the box sturdy and using mod podge dress the box with some cute scrapbook paper. LOVE this for over the back pack hooks for all 4 kids homework.

Miss Kindergarten organization and lots of links to other blogs!

A Summer Popsicle Craft

Super cute office supply organizer for teachers! -hardware organizer is from Lowes -scrapbook paper to decorate drawers is from Hobby Lobby.great for teachers or easy home organization for crafts!

Classroom Organization: Listening Center or Small Group Work area idea. If only I had desks...I do have one small rectangle table...or my trapezoids...hmmm.

Great idea for a center! Classroom Organization: Listening Center or Small Group Work area idea. If only I had desks.I do have one small rectangle table.or my trapezoids.

Book Boxes using Walmart ice bins and colored duct tapeice bins from walmart

Teaching, Learning, Loving: Book Boxes made from Walmart ice cube trays (about a dollar each) or other types of lovely classroom organization bliss.

flashcard organization

From another poster: Flash card organization. Great idea can be used for task cards, game pieces, to hold letters for build a word activities and the list could go on