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This isn't truly Star Wars, but the little guy does look like he could be a baby Chewy. Sent by Becki Wyer

I normally am not a fan of little dogs. However, he looks like Chewy so he's AWESOME!!!!

dogs about to sneeze.. This made me laugh harder than it should have... more funny pics on facebook:

Attack Of The Funny Animals – 50 Pics

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I know that when it grows up it could kill me in my sleep but I don't care. Look at that sweet face!

When it comes to sleeping puppies in baskets, whatever the kind of basket may be, I just can't resist!

hahaha! Me too, I was like how is the cat putting that pole in its mouth!

The Internet Is Leaking Again

Ooooooh!> Can we Oncers just take a moment to appreciate Killipan Jones?