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it's true. it's honestly what ruined the movie for me.

Thank you, seal!

And we wonder why China is beating us....

Famous children's books and their countries of origin. I remember reading a lot of Richard Scary and Babar as a child. :)

That really solves all of my problems actually.

Severus, teachers are getting in trouble for things like that in the muggle world. Watch it.

LOL Sheldon kicks butt

Sometimes, I think they created this character in my image.

You also stare at the bathroom tiles and find images of faces and animals.....yes...yes I do

His face. Also, is that Carlos? I now have this headcanon that Cecil found this photo on Instagram and sent it to Carlos, being all sweet and fluffy and happy and bouncy, but then Carlos got it and is very literal and a little hurt.

lol didnt think this was very funny at first... now its hysterical!