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  • Kassi Ford

    rejection is God's way of saying "wrong direction" This is so true! :)

  • Reagan Adams

    She didn't have to leave. She didn't have to go. She didn't have to die. Why would you take her from me, God? Why would you take the person that would FINALY understand me? The only one who would know what I was going through. The only one who would get it. The only one I could relate to. The one I could vent to when nobody else was around. We would have been so close. We would have been best friends. We would have been more than friends. We would have been like sisters. We would have had this unexplainable bond. We would have been able to read each other's minds. We would have been together. But none of that ever happened. She died. She slipped away from us before she ever came. She never got to see the people that would have raised her. The people that she would have grown up with. The people that would love her for who she is. And I know that You do that anyway, God. But there's a part of me that wishes that she was here with us. That she would have been here to see all of the amazing things you've given us. The blessings you've given this family. I know that she's up there in Heaven with You, God, but I crave that relationship with her. I crave to have a best friend that shared the same blood. A best friend to be there for me through it all. No secrets or explaining to do. A best friend just like me. But she's gone. She was never here. She's dead. I wish it could have been different. I wish she could still be here. I wish she was here with me and telling me that everything is going to be okay. And all the stuff she would be going through. I wonder, if she was here, what would be different? Would her parents still be together? Would her siblings even exist? Would my grandparents be happy? Would we live somewhere else? Would we have a different life? Would I be the same person that I am today? Probably not on that last one. I just wonder why she had to go. Why she had to slide out of our grasp. Why she had to die. Why she had to leave me. Why she had to leave me alone to deal with it all. Alone to deal with all the chaos that comes with this family. The divorce, the anger, the sadness, the pain and fighting, the depression. Why did she have to leave me alone to deal with all the crap? We could have shared it! We could have confided with each other. We could have cried with each other. We could have talked to each other. Oh... What I would give to talk to her today. What would she think of me? Would she have wanted to be my best friend? Would she look up to me? Would she have been my other half? Would she be proud of me? Would she be impressed with me? Would she be the outgoing one and do all the talking for me? Or vice versa? Would she have told me all her secrets? The things she wouldn't dare to tell anyone else? Would she share her problems with me? Would she? Or would she be the complete opposite? What would she tell me? Would she tell me that everything is going to be alright? That it's going to get better? That I have to be strong? That I have to hold up for them? For her would-be sisters? Would she tell me to be there for them? I just have too many questions. Too many "what-if's" in my mind. It's all too much to take in. Why? That my question. Why? Why did she have to die? Why?

  • Adeline Kueh

    rejection is Gods way of saying, wrong direction, inspirational quotes. Just hurts so bad.

  • Julie Rae Klingforth

    Rejection is God's way of saying 'wrong direction' - remember this!

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