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You will ❤ MACHINE Shop Café... (Custom SMART Street Machine)

Pink Smart Car! How cute is this???!!! (I'd be terrified in a car this small. Imagine being next to a triple length 18 wheeler in this. I hope it's not for highway use.)

If anyone ever becomes a millionaire and wants to buy me any of these feel free. ;)

tes ago Photo by Ralph Crane - Front shot of two men riding in the three wheeled German made Messerschmidt. 1954.

Smart car ~ my cousins in Italy say these are dumb cars.. but I don't know they are kinda cute..

Write a persuasive essay about why you should be allowed to drive this car.

smart car body kits - THIS IS JUST TOO FUNNY!! I guess even if you have a smart car it can be transformed to American muscle. Lol.....