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North Korea's vast Ryugyong Hotel not opening yet after all

Trampoline bridge in Paris

Explosionfrom Explosion

28 Pedestrian Crossings Turned Into Urban Arts And Ads

Love this optical illusion!

Wuppertal Schwebebahn or Wuppertal Floating Tram is a suspension railway in Wuppertal, Germany. It is the oldest electric elevated railway with hanging cars in the world and an almost unique system.

Ensure your windows are rolled up before traveling this bridge. - - - - Storseisundet Bridge, Norway Travelfrom Travel

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

Neustadt is one of the quaint old towns on the wine road, Germany

"An eastbound BNSF Q train passes over a beautiful waterfall east of Skykomish, WA just after passing over the Foss River Trestle."--Would you climb up underneath this bridge? Would you stay when a train came?