Costumi Halloween divertenti - Bimbo aragosta

There's nothing more cuter than an infant in a costume. Here are the some of the best baby Halloween costumes.

golden girls sophia petrillo costume!  haha

This little lady is Sophia from the Golden Girls. We had no recollection of the Golden Girls when we named our baby Sophia but this is a great Halloween costume

Lil Lil Wayne Halloween costume

23 Kids Who Are Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

Happy Clouds #Halloween #Costume #Boy

30 Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes Your Mom Never Made For You

Such a cute costume! The Dictionfairy  Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 56 Pics

A 'Diction-fairy' or book-fairy costume. "Thanks to the Children's Reading Foundation for this amazing Halloween costume. A great way to give new life to a discarded book.

Cap'n Crunch Costume - Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks wow very creative!

Cap'n Crunch - Halloween Costume Contest at

did this with Robert now onto Bernie...

The Best Displays of Baby Cosplay You're Ever Going To See

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NasherMuseum on

Cute costume for a bald baby!  Just glue some black roc-rac to a yellow shirt and add a Snoopy stuffed animal.

Semi-Homemade Halloween Costumes