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  • Megan Bonner

    you don't have to be a teenager to relate to this...all though i don't think i would hang out with my dad...

  • Jessica Lopez

    That would be awesome since as a teen my mom was the bully and my dad was the lazy cheater

  • Morgan Connelly

    I honestly would love to go back to the 1980's and be best friends with my mom. <3

  • Ivette Diaz

    Teenager Posts..... I really want to see all the things my dad did!

  • Emily Witte

    i REALLY want to see the things my dad did. He was so funny!

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Teenager Post - That awkward moment when you over-hear a joke in someone else's conversation and accidentally laugh out loud.... :)

This should say mom. We all have that one mom that needs to learn how to whisper.

I do this all the time, and I know it will just make the computer go even slower, yet I do it, hahaha!

Teenager posts... haha that's funny

Cue conversation we would never have and leaning "casually" against something!!

Teenager post MY DAD IN ALGEBRA!!!!!!! Scary true haha

My friend does this. She is scared of bees so she always thinks it's a bee. Sometime I do that just to freak her out and she hates me for the rest of the day. I love my friends...

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