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Frankenstein 1931. My tribute/review. i am lying on my bed with the window open, barefooted & barely dressed, listening to a piano coming from. somewhere? the cats here chatter at birds, insects, mouth sad, human songs to me while i comb out my wet hair. i lift the window screen, lean out, let moths in like small owls. i keep thinking about the leaving i am always doing, like a migration; a humming in the chest of what is natural. i need to be held. i need to

Incredible. I hope you, too, thought this was a picture of actual human beings. the fingers that slightly indent the flesh of a woman. looks normal. but it should not. it is a 400 year old sculpture. Bernini Sculpture: Pluto and Proserpina (1621-22)

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Living Form - giclee print mandala print archival print fine art black and white abstract drawing

Mara é uma cananéia Água-Deusa, considerada benevolente e misericordiosa. Ela é filha do grande Athirat Deusa Mãe do Mar, e irmã gêmea de Anat, o Guerreiro Donzela Deusa da extraordinariamente mau humor. Pouco se sabe sobre ela, nós ainda não sabemos se ela é principalmente uma deusa do oceano, rios ou lagos.