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  • Dara Lynn

    Ewan McGregor... thank you Moulin Rouge for opening my eyes to this man lol :)

  • Marie Tidwell

    Forever eye candy

  • Robyn Miles

    Ewan McGregor #ewanmcgregor #mancandy

  • Liz Gray

    Ewan McGregor, cute Scottish boy! Oh yes!

  • Mona Childers

    EWAN McGREGOR (actor): Period Roles: Emma (Frank Churchill) ~ Popular Roles: Star Wars (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Angels & Demons (Camerlengo Patrick McKenna), Moulin Rouge! (Christian), Trainspotting (Renton), Every Woman's Fantasy (Lead Role - Duh!)

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Ewan McGregor is also just such an awesome actor. I'll watch any movie with him, even if he's making out with Jim Carrey.

Ewan McGregor & cat. I always wonder *why* pictures like this are taken. I mean, I'm not arguing...not at all. But, why?

ewan. i saw an interview where he talked about stealing a scarf from a photo shoot -- i think this is the one :)

Ewan McGregor, i believe, is the equal to Gene Wilder..but time will tell. Just his amazing talent to do so many different he's genuinely witty, and has amazing singing voice too. Just like Gene!

There is no breath in my lungs. You can't fathom how much of a favorite this man is of mine. L. O. V. E. everything about this man has made me who i am today.

Ewan McGregor...and i just turned into a puddle of goo.

Ewan Mcgregor ; hes an AMAZING actor.. his range is incredibly AND hes scottish, what more can i ask? *sigh*

Ewan McGregor. Another delicious Scot.