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Babies Breath

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Baby Breath

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Breath Bangle

#27 of 365. so different and lovely! Botanical Bangle Pink Star Flower/Orange Baby Breath (thanks to

Baby Breath

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Breath Bangle

Purple Flower

Baby Breath Bangle Purple

Etsyfrom Etsy

Pink and Green Botanical Resin Bangle. Chunky Bangle with Pressed Flowers. Real Flowers - Green Baby's Breath

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Green Babys

Green Botanical

Green Baby'S

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Flowers Green

Pink and Green Botanical Resin Bangle. Chunky Bangle with Pressed Flowers. Real Flowers - Green Baby's Breath.. $44.00, via Etsy.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Pale Pink Botanical Resin Bangle. Chunky Bangle Bracelet. Pressed Flower Resin Cuff. Real Flowers - Pink Larkspur

Pale Pink

Flower Bracelet

Pale Pink Botanical Resin Bangle (Etsy :: ) i want eet!! <3 would love to know how to make my own too <_

Baby'S Breath

Real Flowers

Flower Bracelet

Size XL Botanical Resin Bangle. Yellow and Red Pressed Flower Bracelet. Plus Size Bangle with Real Flowers. Cosmos and Baby's Breath. $46.00, via Etsy.

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Fern Botanical Resin Bangle. Chunky Bracelet with Pressed Flowers. Real Flowers - Green Fern Bracelet

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skinny mini bow bangle

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106938380741 Jewelry

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lucite bangles... we have some cute ones in our jewelry case!

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Pretty bow rosegold bangle

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Michael Kors Buckle Bangle

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Michael Kors 'Brilliance' Hinged Bangle | Nordstrom

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Nadri, Cara Accessories & Michael Kors Bangles.

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Emerald & Diamond Bangle ♥✤

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Alexis Bittar