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PW Best Books of 2016 Nonfiction Category. PW: "Romance, social bonding, and self-definition are readily available for the price of a Victrola cylinder, record, CD, or iTunes download, posits music critic Hajdu in this illuminating, idiosyncratic history of pop music."

PW Best Books of 2016 Mystery/Thriller Category. PW: "The coronation of George VI in 1937 provides the backdrop for Upson's psychologically complex sixth whodunit featuring real-life mystery writer Josephine Tey. Upson adroitly confounds the reader's expectations, and her subtle and emotionally intelligent exploration of Josephine's relationship with the writer's lover, Marta Hallard, adds depth."

PW Best Books of 2016: Nonfiction Category. PW: "An intimate portrait of the author's grandparents, who were film director John Schlesinger's (Midnight Cowboy) parents, both British-born offspring of German-Jewish immigrants. Through a close reading of his grandparents' letters to each other during WWI and WWII, Buruma captures a remarkable marriage, as well as a vivid depiction of a particular era and social class."

PW Best Books of 2016 Nonfiction Category. PW: "Literary critic Franklin renders a gripping and graceful portrait of the mind, life, and work of the groundbreaking author best known for the chilling novel The Haunting of Hill House and the unforgettable short parable "The Lottery."

PW Best Books of 2016 Fiction Category. PW: "A riveting portrait of a deteriorating mind as the 18th century draws to a close. Zama is a provincial magistrate of the Spanish crown whose service goes unrewarded, leading him to spiral downward. Zama's transmutation from listless philanderer to subject of existential horror is chilling; Di Benedetto's extraordinary novel, whose English translation has been so long in coming, is a once and future classic."

PW Best Books of 2016: SciFi Category. PW: "Newman writes with exquisite precision of grief, divided loyalties, and the struggle for self-actualization in this noir-inflected standalone sequel to Planetfall. An investigator who's been abandoned by his spacefaring mother, drawn in by a charismatic cult, hounded by the media, and enslaved by the government is trying desperately to assert his individuality, and is shaken when he's ordered to find out who killed the cult leader and why."