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The Princess Diaries: "So we don't slump like this.." Love this part! lol!

I quote this all the time! Love it! #PrincessDiaries

The Princess Diaries, I litterally quote this on a daily basis

I have never seen Princess Diaries, but I think I love Anne Hathaway even more now JUST for this picture.

okay whoever watched the Princess Diaries when they were little would totally laugh for like a minute....everyone else....go rent the movie:):):)

BAHAHAHAHAH Melissa Burney we could make you a moose since you like moose so much??? Consider it... this could be legendary!

After watching this with Jenny recently I remember how much I love these movies :) The Princess Diaries -- So it's a wango?

And this is what I'll be doing on stage... at the Nutcracker... it's gotta happen.

The Princess Diaries (2001) - Quotes---- true friendship right there. Haha

How to handle people like a Princess -- The Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries. I do this every time I have one of these fans!