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  • Regina Kinsey

    boy & baby elephant (I know this has to be photo shopped, because that elephant is to small) But it is really cute.. (Looks like one of the kids from "The Little Rascals," I believe filmed in the 30s or 40s.)

  • Julie Vallee

    An old photo of a little boy and a newborn elephant (this is definitely photoshopped though-no baby elephant is THAT small and healthy enough to take pictures)

  • Katie Gage

    Boy and baby elephant. This picture makes me want to have a pet elephant. It also makes me want to watch Hatari.

  • Savannah Bochnik

    Boy's best friend is his baby elephant.

  • Kelsey B

    Animated boy and baby elephant

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Everytime I see this elephant and how happy he is ... it reminds me of two things. The joy I felt when Mom said we were going swimming and the joy on my neice's face when she took a bath at two years old. :) Both make me incredibly happy.