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That is the sweetest face I have ever seen! I'm In LOVE!!!!

Pit bulls are a breed who have unfortunately gotton a bad reputation for being mean and aggressive. I believe all dogs need obedience training right from the start. When confined as a pup any breed will grow up to be unsociable. All dogs are good, and need our love and respect . If unwilling to put the time and effort into your pet, best advice is not to purchase one.

Olha isso Camila Peltonen Cilene Camargo Andrade parece minha Cleo pitbull puppy smile

"Oh boy, I just got adopted by those wonderful people. I'm so happy I can't stop smiling!"

Wait! What? You're supposed to be sneering and snarling and baring your teeth and stuff, darling. You know. Show 'em how bad you are. Oops. PS: i just noticed you're "adoptable". I hope that line changed to adopted. You're gorgeous.

Staffie smiles :) here to find out more Oh my goodness how adorable is this photo!!

Pit bulls are the best. Please adopt one and learn the truth.

"ha ha, finders keepers, losers weepers!" | rePinned by

This is too cute. I know a few people that would like this. I know a super cute pit bull too.