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If I saw Gerard Butler walking towards me on a street just like this...I would just fall down from pure bliss. Just fall right down.

Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera), Why Are You So Sexy?

Gerard Butler and his pug, Lolita.....Now he is even more sexy, which I didn't think was at all possible!!!

Gerard Butler. Don't know how he ended up in the ANIMAL category but I have my suspicions. Ha ha!

You know how girls are in love with Johnny Depp no matter how old he gets? Well that's Gerard Butler for me..

Gerard Butler: such a good actor, so versatile and such a sultry guy. Sexy!

Gerard Butler: Christian thinks he's the man for me, but I feel like he's a little too old for me...

Gerarld Bulter mmm...i have already met him...he was 10 feet from me at a MSU basketball game :)

Gerald Butler look at his eyes in this!...This man is