Simple rubber "stamp" mosaic art

make fruit and veggie prints - Chicago Botanic

Cute Idea

LESSON PLANNED!! Magistra Mommy: Easy OILS Art Project.... Use this for a high school project, make then come up with a bigger composition, teach pointillism and George Seurat

quick DIY stamp

Simple fireworks painting idea for kids using DIY toilet paper roll firework stamp. Danya Banya

Really cute idea for making cherry blossoms

Make Your Own Holiday Cards And Wrapping Paper With These DIY Stamps - A rolling stamp made from a lint roller!

DIY watercolor silhouette. This would be a fun project to do with letter stickers. Stickers on first then paint, dry, and remove stickers.

paint tools

tarjeta con corazon de papel sencillisima!

For spring time

That's clever! Kids can say a monster ate my book and mean it.

watercolor cards ... Wording or design done in light colored pencil then the watercolor. This would be called 'a resist'.......... I may need to try this (though no need for bridesmaids cards now :)


thumbprint Christmas lights at meet the dubiens

Polkadots on Parade: The Polkadot Snail--class auction project?

Pencil Initials

celery stamping for Mother's Day cards

pencil stub + washer = spinning top